Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday Before Working

Okay, so I already failed at getting two posts up last week. I will still try to get five posts up this week.
Dissertation-y thoughts:
1.) I don't know what the hell I'm doing.
2.) I am debating buying that Dissertation in 15 Minutes a Day book, but I am hesitant because I am relatively sure that's a self-help book, and I think that is lame.
3.) I've been reading a Durkheim on Crime & Punishment introduction for about three days now. I really like the introduction and am looking forward to getting to what Durkheim actually said. The fact that it should have taken me two solid hours to get what I needed out of this book only slightly bothers me.

Thoughts from Durkheim intro:
- The intro points out that central to Durkheim's thought on crime/punishment is the idea that conflict in society is pathological and intermittent. It is something that can be fixed, and it is something abnormal.
- This is fundamentally bourgeois and rather flat.
- The intro also argues that Max Weber's view is similarly situated but more sophisticated and nuanced than Durkheim's.
- I need to find the writing to which the author refers in regards to Weber's thought. I suspect that it is in his 'professionalization' stuff and is not directly related to punishment.

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Jezebella said...

I used Dissertation in 15 Minutes a Day, and as I recall, it was helpful. It wasn't like rah-rah-self-help, but actual practical advice. I also read "Writing the Doctoral Dissertation" (Gordon Davis), and found it helpful too.